Making hay from sharing stuff

“Social Media” is the new term in the test for full buzz-word compliance. So, should you do it? Is it good for your business?

I’d like to think I was a good news story for social networking. Sure, the returns are relatively modest, and I’m not going to retire any time soon, but take a look here to see how Social Media makes me money.

Behind that post about making extra cash on a photo selling art network site is a bit more of a story. I’d have nothing to show for my photo posting if I’d had no strategy going in. Publishing that first photo was part of making a concerted effort to slowly open a new service in our business. We already had good web presence, solid search rankings, and a good reputation for supplying visual communication. The real lesson is to get your electronic media ducks lined up before you start Facebooking, Twittering, or RedBubbling. Your website needs to be right, you need to have resources to commit to an active presence, and you need to understand how to be interesting!

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